Because we love San Sebastián

I’ve been guiding & touring delicious food for over 10 years

Pintxos + Bicycle Tour

Visiting San Sebastián never was so fun!
Riding a bicycle while trying the best pintxos all over the city. Nice, isn’t it?

I have come up with this idea as I do this every single day. Why not share it?
All over the city there are bike lanes so let me introduce you to one of my partners:
They are BICI RENT.

Once you have rented the bikes (I already have mine), we can start the free culinary guided tour on a bike, which by the way takes about 4 hours.

All in all, per person you’ll only spend

Option 1

( 99€ = 1 bike + 6 Pintxos & Drinks )


Option 2

( 115€  = 1 electric bike + 6 Pintxos & Drinks )

Some photos for your Appreciation

Specially Selected & Amazing Food

It would be a tremendous pleasure to guide you through the best available seasonal Pintxos with a neutral point of view.

So you will discover by yourself!


Pintxos Tour

Like all cities, there are new neighborhoods and old parts. In San Sebastián we call it “La Parte Vieja”, as a reference to the original old city. There you will find almost all the Pintxos Bars. No need to mention it is a must, to visit this part of the city.

Here’s the thing, you can do it on your own or book my service guide with the expertise of many years trying the best Pintxos in ALL of the bars you can find here. (Yes, I have tried all of them)  🙂